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for the media and publishing industry

Whether you are looking for new talented creative writers or
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Entertain with Fiction

You need target group oriented content?

Explore our universe of fiction in a contemporary style. Get stories that suit your target audience. Choose according to demographic statistics such as age or country, and get quality-controlled content. contact us

Leverage of Creative Potential

You have a specific story or theme in mind?

We offer a pool of creative writers composing works on a contemporary platform according to your wishes. Our concept of multiple related stories and the voice of the community, enable you to choose whatever version best suites your needs. contact us

Connect with Individual Talent

You are looking for talented creative writers?

Find individual talented creative writers that suit your genre. Our automated evaluation method saves you hours and you can directly contact yet unpublished talent with an established track record on this platform. contact us

Call for Innovation

You have an idea we haven’t thought of yet?

No organisation can afford to ignore emerging opportunities and new ideas. Openly embracing innovation and collaboration, we are looking forward to listening to your idea and are keen to discuss synergies with your organisation. contact us