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Read to be entertained

Explore a universe of fiction in a contemporary style.
Select a story in any genre. Start reading online and download ebooks for the road.
Choose the direction in which the story should develop. Rate the fiction you read.
Follow your favourite authors and inspire their imagination.
All of this for free.


Flip through Featured stories,
browse through the top stories, or
search for a particular story.


Read online all published stories for free.
Customise the text-size and number of columns, or
turn on the reading light.


Review and rate the chapters you have read,
decide where the story should continue.

Write to entertain

Unlock your individual imagination and express it in your own personal style.
Start a new story and plant a seed by writing its first chapter. Develop the beginning
towards your imagined ending, or simply pick a story from another author and take it
in a new direction. If readers of this world feel entertained they will reward you with
a higher rating and forward you to the next level. Successful writers can even earn
financial recognition.

Write a chapter

Start your own story and write it all alone, or
continue an existing story into your direction.
Invite other authors to write with you.

Publish a chapter

Review details like genres, title, teaser,
publish chapters for the community, and
Promote your chapter to get good ratings and gain fans.

Promote a chapter

Share your chapter first among your friends to build
initial attraction and earn royalties on popular stories.

Reward through your story

Branch off an existing story. Start a new one and let others finish it. If the community
rewards your story with good ratings, your story is published as ebook and you start
earning 50% of the ebook prices as royalties.
Read more how you can earn reward.

Recognition through the community

Join as a reader. Become a writer and develop your reputation. Be part of an exclusive
group of authors. Convince the masses through your fiction that you are the next
Director. Succeed even beyond OpenStoryBoard and be managed by talent agents.
Read more how you can get recognition.